Neglected no more - because I matter.

Bernadette, effect:hope supporter

The disfigured nose, clawed hands and paralyzed legs immediately let me know that this poor man begging on the street corner in Nepal had leprosy.

I was horrified. It was not revulsion I felt, but an overwhelming compassion to reach out and fix the situation.

I wanted to give him some money but my travel companion told me that there were people who take the most disfigured people, those closest to death, and force them to beg on street corners. This unfortunate man was doing what was necessary for a small bowl of rice at the end of the day.

My life’s mission is to cure leprosy

In that moment, I felt utterly powerless. That’s when I made it my life’s mission to cure leprosy.

And that’s why I give what I can to effect:hope. $25 here and there, and more when I have it, because I know the money will go to help people with leprosy. I also try to spread the word and encourage others to make a difference as well.

But if I can’t cure every last person before I die, that’s why I’ve made a gift in my Will to effect:hope.

I won’t need my money when I pass and my kids don’t need all of my money either. But that young person just diagnosed with leprosy who needs the cure? That’s someone my money can help.