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The key to fully unlocking the mysteries of leprosy lies in finding out the answer to one simple question: “How is the disease transmitted?”

The answer has eluded researchers, despite our tireless efforts. We still do not know exactly how leprosy spreads.

However, one thing is certain: Our deep dedication to solving this mystery assures us that we will find the answer in the years ahead.

We will not stop until leprosy is eliminated

To do this, we seek amazing opportunities to learn, to innovate and to grow in our understanding. Support from loyal Canadian supporters like you has made effect:hope an undisputed pioneer in the field of leprosy research funding.

We have already come so very far. The goal is in sight.

Research is our shared journey of hope

Even in the last few years, we have been able to offer life-changing and life-saving treatments. These therapies were unknown a decade ago.

We must acknowledge that we might not be here to witness the thrilling discoveries that will lead to the elimination of leprosy. That’s a sobering thought. But we find comfort in knowing that that day of discovery will come nonetheless, thanks to the ongoing and generous support of generations of Canadians.