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Leprosy Field Research Bangladesh

Location: Nilphamari, Rangpur, Thakurgaon and Panchagarh District, Northwest Bangladesh

Program Length: 2016-2020

2018 Fundraising Need: $77,886

Why the Program Exists: Half the population of Bangladesh lives on less than $1.50 a day and often in an environment where poor water and sanitation puts them at high risk for infection and disease. Leprosy is prevalent in these communities, and while we can provide Multi-drug Therapy, surgery and rehabilitation to cure the disease and treat the physical disability, more research needs to be done to improve future leprosy control and the clinical care of people affected by leprosy.

Leprosy Field Research Bangladesh (LFRB) is a cutting-edge research centre in northern Bangladesh. With the help of local leprosy program participants, LFRB researchers can conduct research using real, up-to-date data from the field. The program also involves: sending health care workers to find and diagnose leprosy patients, providing a cure, educating the local communities about the true facts of leprosy and teaching acceptance of leprosy patients to reduce stigma, and advocating for the rights of leprosy patients. By supporting the program, researchers can also investigate better methods to reduce and control leprosy and make greater strides to eliminate the disease for good.

Donate to Stop the Transmission of Leprosy

Program Impact:

Leprosy Field Research Bangladesh’s activities in 2017:

Donate to Stop the Transmission of Leprosy

Your gift will go towards:

  • Finding, diagnosing and providing the cure and care for leprosy patients
  • Supporting research on the transmission, diagnosis and management of leprosy and its complications with the goal of ending leprosy forever
  • Raising awareness through community activities to reduce the extreme stigma that leprosy patients face

Your contribution will have a lasting impact not only on the communities in northern Bangladesh, but also on the lives of individuals affected by leprosy around the world.


The Leprosy Mission International Bangladesh.