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Liberia was one of the countries heavily affected by the world’s largest Ebola outbreak in 2014, with over 4000 Liberians fallen to the disease. On May 9, 2015, 10 months later, Liberia was declared free from the deadly outbreak. The nation is now recovering from its health system overhaul and becoming more stable.

Buruli ulcer in Liberia:

Liberia is endemic for Buruli ulcer (BU), and we collaborated with MAP International to establish a BU program prior to the Ebola outbreak. A strong foundation was set and new Buruli ulcer cases continued to be reported during the 10 months.

Before the BU program can resume, the health system will be assessed for its readiness. In the mean time, the interim project will provide basic management of BU cases.

For detailed information on this project, click on the image below for a PDF of the program summary.

Post-Ebola Interim Buruli ulcer Project
  • Replenishes exhausted antibiotic and wound‐dressing supplies
  • Equips detection centres with resources to train new staff on Buruli ulcer
  • Provides transportation support for field workers to travel and find cases
  • Conducts clinical laboratory tests to confirm and document each Buruli ulcer case