Neglected no more - because I matter.

Remembering Mini Woltjer

Hand in hand with Herman, her husband of 60 years, Mini Woltjer raised a quarter of a million dollars through the recycling of scrap metal over a 23 year period.

These funds, donated to effect:hope (The Leprosy Mission Canada) have healed more than 2,525 children and families of leprosy.  Living as far away as India and Nepal from Mini’s home in southern Alberta, these recipients of Mini’s work to turn scrap into cures, have been freed from suffering and blessed by the gifts of a special Canadian.

Mrs. Mini Woltjer of Lacombe, Alberta was called home by her Lord and Savior on Tuesday March 21, 2017 at the age of 89 years. effect:hope honours Mini Woltjer, a precious wife, mother, grandmother, community member and volunteer, whose care for those less fortunate will never be forgotten.

Herman & Mini celebrating their 60th anniversary

Herman with some of the scrap metal he and Mini sold to cure people of leprosy

Your gift today continues Mini’s compassionate legacy of curing those with leprosy.