This Mother’s Day, give in memory of your mom by helping other moms in need.

Sokina was diagnosed with leprosy 20 years ago. She relies on her 80-year-old mother, Asia, to provide them both with food and money. Your gift can help a family like this receive the healthcare and financial support they need.

Sokina and her 80-year-old mother live alone in a small hut.

Due to multiple leprosy-related complications, Sokina has been unable to maintain a job. She relies on her mother, Asia, to beg for food and money.

Our partner provides Sokina with protective sandals and financial resources, but limited funds have prevented any additional support.

But your gift can change this. By giving a gift in memory of your mother, you can give mothers like Asia hope for their children, and much needed support.

“I want to survive well, but I have no way to earn. I only depend on my mother and she is old and very frail. I don’t know what will happen when she dies.” – Sokina