This Mother’s Day, help support a young mom in need.

Tania is one of the thousands of young mothers who need your support. You can give a gift of hope to them this Mother’s Day.

Tania was diagnosed with leprosy at 10 years old

Unfortunately, she never received the proper care and this led to her losing both of her feet and most of her fingers.

However, there is a silver lining to her story. While receiving treatment she met her now-husband Kalu, who cares for her daily including carrying her up and down the stairs of their home.

While Tania now has the support necessary to prevent her leprosy from progressing further, she worries about providing for her daughter, Zannat. She hopes that despite their low income they will be able to save up enough to one day send Zannat to school.

Young mothers like Tania need your support. This Mother’s Day you can give the gift of hope.