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There are areas in Myanmar (Burma) where people live in poverty and struggle to access basic services like healthcare. Agricultural work is the main source of income. People often struggle to make ends meet when they aren’t able to care for themselves when they fall ill, or have disabilities.

Leprosy in Myanmar (Burma):

Thousands of people continue to be diagnosed with leprosy each year. Some states in this nation are still endemic for this disease, and privatized health care is not an option for many affected individuals. In order to break the cycle of poverty in many households, it’s important to improve access to health services for people with disabilities.

We support the Mawlamyine Christian Leprosy Hospital (MCLH), which provides leprosy care for individuals in need for free. Our work also focuses on improving access to basic infrastructure like water and housing for people living with disabilities.

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Integrated Rehabilitation
  • Improves rehabilitation services for people affected by leprosy
  • Provides health education on disability prevention to people at risk
  • Raises awareness of leprosy symptoms and treatments in communities
  • Allows people with disabilities to have better mobility in their homes and communities by improving accessibility