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Nigeria carries one of the highest burdens of leprosy in the world. Misconceptions surrounding the disease lead to late diagnosis, and affected people often develop disabilities as a result. People with leprosy often face discrimination, job loss, abuse, and eviction.

Our work in Nigeria strived to improve the quality of life for people affected by leprosy. This project has now reached the end of its working period. We are now reviewing the results of this project and the lessons we learned. The new project will help strengthen the health system in Kwara State by adopting an integrated approach to control neglected tropical diseases. It will also work with relevant government programs and stakeholders with a common mission for a greater impact.

To read more about this project and the impacts we made, click on the image below for a PDF of the program summary.

Kwara State
  • Promoted early case detection and treatment of leprosy
  • Prevented worsening of disabilities by educating communities and individuals on self‐care and disability management
  • Developed and implemented campaigns to reduce stigma surrounding leprosy