Neglected no more - because I matter.

Rebati’s Story

Rebati lives in a small, poverty-stricken community in Nepal. She developed leprosy several years ago but started treatment quickly and had few visible symptoms. This should have been the end of Rebati's story of leprosy. But she kept her leprosy a secret. What's worse, Rebati stopped taking her medicines to avoid her husband finding out about her disease...

Everything went well at first. Together, she and her husband had 4 healthy children and they were happy. Then Rebati’s world shattered…


Just when she had all but forgotten she had leprosy, Rebati developed an ulcer on her foot. The wound refused to heal and the infection grew worse. She simply had to seek help, and so her husband discovered her leprosy.


He believed leprosy was a curse and that she had put her whole family in danger by bringing leprosy into their home. From that point on, Rebati was physically and emotionally abused by her husband and her in-laws. I wish we had been there to help her.


Together we can change the outcome for others like Rebati. You may not be able to rewrite Rebati’s story, but there are thousands more like her who are just beginning their journey with leprosy.


Please join me in not letting them walk this path alone. We can help other people like Rebati and their families to rise above the cycle of poverty and suffering in Nepal.

effect:hope, formerly The Leprosy Mission Canada, is a Christian international development organization focused on growing healthy, inclusive communities. With partners in 11 developing countries, effect:hope builds stronger health-care systems and champions new research initiatives that will make positive, lasting changes in the lives of millions facing stigma and impoverishment due to leprosy and other diseases of poverty.


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