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Hookworm: Eating you from the inside

Hookworms are parasites of the human body.


Transmitted through contaminated soil, hookworm eggs hatch into worms that do nothing but suck up a person’s nutrition. Although they are easily curable with a 3-day drug treatment plan, people continue to suffer through these infections.

In developed countries like Canada, kids can play in the dirt and mud without much thought, other than worrying that their mom will get mad that they got their clothes dirty. In developing countries, such as Kenya, children do not have this luxury. There is poor sanitation in these countries, and when kids play outside or even do their daily chores, they can get infected with worms.

A person with a severe hookworm infection has stomach pains, experiences weight loss, and develops anemia. Children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable. The infestation of worms takes the already limited nutrients that they have, like iron and protein, and inhibits their ability to grow and develop.

Infected adults can find it hard to concentrate at work because of their fatigue. Children don’t have the energy to go to school or play, and won’t be able to achieve their full potential. It’s important that infections are treated right away, and even better if they can be prevented.

Hookworm infections are treated with drugs generously donated by pharmaceutical companies, and are incredibly effective. There are currently mass drug administration programs in endemic regions, where these drugs are given to a large group of people in countries to prevent infections and treat people who are already infected.

In July 2016, we will be officially launching our Every Child Thrives project in Cote d’Ivoire and Kenya. Implementing a mass drug administration program, we will work to distribute de-worming treatments and Vitamin A supplements to children and adults in need. With the generosity of our donors, we can help people live healthy and full lives.

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