Our Brand

Use our brand book to learn all about who we are and how to appropriately use our trademarks.

Who We Are

Effect Hope is a community builder and an expert. While we speak with authority and share compelling, true information and stories, we also use clear, simple and friendly language.

We honour the person or people we’re talking about– they aren’t victims or vessels for disease. We protect their identity when asked, we use their story in ways that are not dehumanizing. We also honour the person or people we’re talking with. We like to inspire, not guilt, our supporters.

We like hope a lot. It’s in our name and it’s our mission. Even if it’s an overused word, there is no way around it– hope is beautiful. It’s at the heart of our faith and it’s at the heart of our work. When we tell stories, we keep hope in mind. The light of hope needs to shine through even the most hard-to-hear stories.

Our Mission

As followers of Jesus, we partner with others to bring hope and restoration to people affected by neglected tropical diseases like leprosy.

Our Vision

A world where people overcome neglected tropical diseases like leprosy — A world full of hope.

Using Our Logo

Our logo can be found in four variations. All of which are found in a stack formation, the “Effect” on top and “Hope” on the bottom.

Our Primary variation is with the “Effect” in black and the “Hope” in blue. The second variation is the same except the “Effect” is in white. The last variations of our logo are either all white or all black.

Use the appropriate logo when placing the logo in front of an image. Ensure that the logo does not disappear into
the background.

On light color backgrounds use our primary black and blue logo.

On dark backgrounds use our white and blue logo.

On darker colored backgrounds use our all white logo

Space and Sizing

We want our logo to be legible and easy to read. Please follow the minimum size requirements for PRINT and SCREEN.

Screen: 38.4 pixels

Print: 1.2 inch