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Premananda Memorial Hospital, Kolkata

Location: Kolkata, India
Program Length: Jan 2017 – Dec 2019
2018 Fundraising Need: CAD $ 72,000 Donate Today
Why the Program Exists: Approximately 1.5 billion people around the world suffer from neglected tropical diseases such as leprosy. Often, these diseases are called “diseases of poverty,” because their symptoms are worsened by poor living conditions. Kolkata, India, is home to some of the world’s poorest people. With a population of over 14 million, it is a growing city in a developing nation. Kolkatans face considerable urban pollution, traffic congestion, crowded conditions, and poverty.

As the only hospital in the city offering specialized inpatient care for those with leprosy, Premananda Memorial Hospital (established in 1986) offers disability care, surgical rehabilitation, and beyond, to help those with leprosy find health.

By supporting this project, you can provide essential care for those with leprosy in Kolkata.

The Premananda Memorial Hospital aims to help people affected with leprosy by:
• Providing quality leprosy care and services
• Providing reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy, and treatment
• Supplying assistive devices such as footwear, prosthetic limbs, and walking aids
• Teaching and empowering patients with self-care techniques, this minimizes the number of patients returning with infection or ulcer
• Increasing community access to government health services
• Raising awareness of leprosy in communities to reduce stigma associated with leprosy
• Improving health-care services for leprosy by training health workers

Program Impact:
The Premananda Memorial Hospital helped 14,492 people in 2017 and conducted the following activities:
• Provided Early Diagnosis checks for 8,976 people for leprosy or another neglected tropical diseases
• Provided care for leprosy for 6,444 people through our 241 outreach clinics
• Provided 4,232 assistive devices to people in need
• Provided eye care services to 2,730 people in the community
• Registered 37 new patients with leprosy for Multidrug therapy and enrolled 169 people in our Cure and Care program.
• Supplied 276 pairs of customized protective footwear to patients
• Treated 157 people with ulcers of the limbs
• Performed 63 surgeries on eyes, hands or feet
• Taught 612 patients with leprosy and other diseases self-care techniques and provided them with tools to help them manage their conditions
• Trained 672 health workers in leprosy
• Supplied glasses to 150 people at our outreach clinics

Your gift will ensure that people affected by leprosy in Kolkata experience improved health through access to essential, specialized leprosy care and services.

Proper Care Changes Everything

When Jaba Kisku was 5 years old, she cut her left leg on a piece of glass. It began to swell, but due to her family’s poverty, she didn’t see a doctor. She lived in pain for six years and then developed an ulcer. Eventually she lost sensation in her leg. One day, health workers visited her village. They examined Jaba and referred her to a local hospital. Once there, she was diagnosed with leprosy and received Multidrug Therapy for six months, but her ulcer remained.

For 13 years, she suffered with her ulcer, dressing her wounds using materials from the hospital. During this time, both of her parents died from health issues. One day, while at the hospital to pick up more bandages, a fellow patient advised Jaba, now 26, to go to a different hospital for treatment. That hospital couldn’t help, but referred her to The Premananda Memorial Leprosy Hospital.

Our medical teams performed a surgical debridement (removing dead or infected tissue) and properly treated her wound. Unfortunately, there was permanent damage to her leg, so as per Jaba’s request, we performed a below the knee amputation. She now has a prosthetic limb and feels more confident. She is also learning to become a tailor through our vocational training. Jaba is an orphan and wants to support herself through meaningful work. In her spare time, she enjoys making cards for others as a way of giving back to the Premananda Hospital.

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