Complete Cure and Care for someone with Leprosy

$ 396.00

A truly life-changing gift! Transform someone’s future by giving them the gift of the cure and care needed to completely overcome leprosy.

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There are many circumstances that can prevent an early leprosy diagnosis — living in a remote and unreached area, fear, the need to stay home and work, or maybe health workers who are not trained to recognise leprosy. But sadly, if too much time has passed, serious infections and disfigurements can take place. Hands can claw inward, feet can lose all sensation and blindness can even result when leprosy is not treated quickly.

For those complex cases, ongoing medical care and physiotherapy may be needed. Crutches and wheelchairs may become necessary as the person can no longer walk on their own. Individuals will require much more care and follow-up to ensure proper healing.

Your gift today of $396 provides, on average, everything a person needs: from detection, to treatment, to follow-up care and support. Each patient is different and requires different treatment, but our specialized medical teams are prepared to handle even the most complex cases. Thank you for your faithful support. Together we are replacing the fear of leprosy with hope for a better future. $396 provides complete healing and care for someone with advanced leprosy.