• 60% of all leprosy diagnoses have been identified in India
  • India accounts for 47% of the global population requiring preventive chemotherapy for lymphatic filariasis
  • More than 120,000 people were newly diagnosed with leprosy in 2017 alone.
  • 24% of the urban population live in slums, which translates to 65 million people
  • There is one government hospital bed for every 2,704 people
  • 27 million people in India live with some form of disability
  • Less than half of India's children between 6-14 years old go to school

India is diverse in all aspects, from its people, language, landscape and need. In urban and rural areas throughout the country, you'll find significant poverty, as well as the prevalence of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) such as leprosy.

Despite a booming economy, India's population is affected with many health problems. Every day, children, women and men suffer the physical symptoms and disabilities caused by NTDs. Some are unaware of the seriousness of these diseases, while others choose to hide away to avoid ensuing stigma.

You can change their lives. You can replace their fear with hope for the future. Help us support health workers and hospital staff to accurately diagnosis patients and treat them with dignity.

Here's how you can help:

Lymphatic Filariasis Care

Our Sankalp Project helps to diagnose and treat individuals showing the swelling linked to lymphatic filariasis (LF). LF requires proper treatment both at home and at a clinic and thus this project trains both affected individuals and healthcare professionals in providing proper care. Individuals are also provided with footwear and surgery when necessary. Because LF is caused by parasitic worms entering in the bloodstream from infected mosquitos, Sankalp team also ensures communities are educated about preventing this disease.


Reconstructive Surgery $616

Medical teams perform complicated procedures to restore mobility and dignity to those who have suffered the debilitating scars of leprosy and other NTDs. 

$616 x

Work Toward Ending Leprosy $100

The Stanley Browne Research Laboratory is investigating how leprosy is passed from person to person. This is a key piece of the puzzle for us to end leprosy once and for all. As well, the researchers at Stanley Browne are working on effective strategies for rapid diagnosis, infection control and disability management for rural communities. Mobile health clinics are sometimes ill-equipped, yet they are often the only healthcare team the community can access on their own.

$100 x

Surgical Equipment & Supplies $35

Doctors and nurses need your support to ensure the equipment they need is available for daily surgical care.

$35 x

Surgeon Training $950

The Leprosy Mission Hospital, Naini, has provided world-renown training in leprosy care for doctors and nurses since 1980. We need to train more doctors on specialized treatments to ensure everyone can access the care they need. 


Cure Someone of Leprosy for
$33 Per Month

Early diagnosis and cure is the best method we currently have for leprosy affected patients. In order to reduce disability and stigma caused by this fully-curable disease, health workers, community members and government workers are trained for early detection, proper treatment, and stigma reduction. Leprosy awareness education sessions and workshops are also held for the public. For those who already attained disabilities due to leprosy, our programs provide protective footwear and assistive devices such as crutches, wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs.

$33 x