• 4 million people in Nepal have disabilities, including those who attained disabilities due to neglected tropical diseases
  • People in rural areas travel 1-4 hours on average to reach a healthcare facility
  • Only 28% of rural Nepalese have ever seen a doctor
  • Essential medicines are only available to 16-57% of people, depending on their geographic location

Healthcare is certainly not universal in Nepal. Most people have never seen a doctor because they cannot travel the distance and they cannot afford the out of pocket expense for treatment.

Yet there is a great many people struggling with disabilities across Nepal. Some in this group have leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF), diseases that often cause people to feel ashamed. Most are unlikely to seek help for fear of stigma. However, waiting too long to seek help leads to permanent disability and economic insecurity. Treatment is more than just a medical issue.

Self-Help Groups are effective at helping people with leprosy and LF find confidence again. The support from the group encourages affected individuals to use self-care techniques to manage or prevent further disabilities. The group format also establishes a strong support system based on mutual understanding to help each save money, access social support and participate socially in their community. The wholistic support of people with leprosy and LF improves their quality of life and well-being.

Here's how you can help the people of Nepal:

Self-Care Supplies $25

You may have seen photos of a patient soaking their feet in a colourful plastic bowl. This is essential to protect the feet from ongoing ulcers. In addition to the bowl, patients will receive soap, salve, a wash cloth and training on proper care. 

$25 x

Stop the Stigma $50

Life-long disability leads to intense poverty, stigma and lack of opportunity. We can stop the stigma by training community workers to teach people the truth about leprosy and other preventable diseases. Your gift also provides the materials needed to engage children and their parents in understanding the signs of leprosy. Plus, your support will train a healthcare worker to recognize the signs of leprosy. 


Cure Someone for $33 a month

Once the disease is diagnosed, the patient is treated with multi-drug therapy. Your gift helps us monitor the patient, making sure they take the medication faithfully. We also test the patient regularly to make sure the medication is destroying the bacilli. More than that, you provide the care the patient needs to prevent long term disability. Each patient is unique and some require more care than others, but on average, your monthly gift helps cure one patient every year.  

$33 x