• An estimated 87 million Nigerians, around half of the country's population, live on less than $1.90 a day
  • The number of Nigerians falling into extreme poverty grows by roughly six people every minute
  • Over 90% of the Nigerian population does not have health insurance coverage
  • In Kwara State, where effect:hope works, nearly 70% of people live in poverty

Most people in Nigeria’s Kwara State live in extreme poverty. They struggle to pay the fees government hospitals charge for treatment and medication. 

Leprosy and lymphatic filariasis (LF) are prevalent in Kwara State. People infected with leprosy or LF face serious health challenges and dramatic social stigma—discrimination, hatred and isolation. Often, because of the fear of this stigma, people seek medical treatment too late—after disability and permanent damage has occurred. 

The lack of access to stable healthcare has led to a significant increase in disease-related disabilities in Kwara State. With your help, effect:hope can find these children, women and men who need treatment for leprosy and lymphatic filariasis and provide proper care.

Here's how you can help the people of Nigeria:

Follow-up Home Care $40

Travelling to a hospital in Nigeria is extremely difficult. You can ensure a trained healthcare worker visits patients at home to provide healing and prevent complications that could lead to disability. 

$40 x

Cure Someone for $33 a month

Once the disease is diagnosed, the patient is treated with multi-drug therapy. Your gift helps us monitor the patient, making sure they take the medication faithfully. We also test the patient regularly to make sure the medication is destroying the bacilli. More than that, you provide the care the patient needs to prevent long term disability. Each patient is unique and some require more care than others, but on average, your monthly gift helps cure one patient every year.

$33 x