• Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affect more than 1 billion people in 149 countries
  • Those who are most affected by NTDs are the poorest of the poor, living in remote areas where accessing healthcare is difficult
  • More than 3 million people worldwide have disabilities because of leprosy
  • Someone is newly diagnosed with leprosy every 2 minutes
  • 856 million people are at risk of lymphatic filariasis (LF)
  • LF is one of the leading causes of morbidity, accounting for 2.8 million “healthy” years of life lost due to disability
  • 2,217 new cases of Buruli ulcer (BU) were reported in 2017; half of those affected by BU in Africa are children under 15 years
  • Transmission and prevention of BU are unknown

Shrouded in mystery since Biblical times, leprosy is a disease that brings fear and shame to all who are affected. You can join us in replacing that fear with hope as we fight back against leprosy. 

Today leprosy is treated with multi-drug therapy and while it does cure most, it cannot reverse disability, stigma, or mental trauma. The solution is to stop people from contracting leprosy so no one has to face this horrible disease. 

This is why effect:hope supports vaccine and transmission research for leprosy and other Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs). 
Stopping transmission is one key to eliminating leprosy. Another is to vaccinate people at high-risk for the disease. Alongside the American Leprosy Missions, we have committed to develop a specialized vaccine for leprosy. In 2018, the very first dedicated vaccine against leprosy started clinical trials.

In 2016 we started the R2STOP initiative: Research to Stop Transmission of Neglected Tropical Diseases. We still do not know how leprosy is transmitted so we are investing in world-renowned researchers as they try to answer some of our most urgent questions: How is leprosy transmitted? Who is most at risk? Can a human get leprosy from an animal? This research is critical to stop the spread of leprosy and eradicate the disease.

Here's how you can help people Worldwide:

Effective Treatments $75

The Stanley Browne Laboratory in India is currently answering our concerns about transmission, rapid detection and diagnosis and effective treatments for leprosy. Your gift helps to:

  • Generate scientific evidence on leprosy transmission, early diagnosis, reactions and nerve damage, drug resistance, and disability prevention
  • Train laboratory researchers and students in current methods and lab techniques
  • Train field staff in research methods so they can assist lab researchers with data collection
  • Conduct good quality research to answer critical questions about leprosy
  • Share research evidence with researchers, healthcare workers, health officials and patients to improve leprosy care and services

Stop the Transmission $100

Our work with R2STOP supports research to investigate how leprosy is spread. You can help researchers answer the following concerns: 

  • Human-to-human transmission
  • Non-human disease reservoirs
  • Genetic risk factors, drug resistance, immune response
  • Genetic characteristics of the disease
$100 x

Launch the Vaccine $50

Through our partnership with the Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI) you can help us fund the clinical trials required to bring an effective vaccine for leprosy to the people who are most at risk.