Your Help Inspired Hope In Neglected Individuals

6831People received surgery or follow-up leprosy treatments
815Children affected by leprosy & disabilities helped go to school
3716People given assistive devices
323People received training or support to earn a living
5705People given the tools for self-care

You Help Transform Neglected Communities

5657Health-care workers given leprosy training
801Awareness messages about leprosy
69Advocacy meetings held
252Self-advocacy groups
2719Family & community members trained in care
11Partners working for hope

Your help provided a cure for neglected diseases

219385People screened for leprosy
7099New cases diagnosed (leprosy and Buruli ulcer)
6312Learned how to recognize leprosy
213899New cases of leprosy worldwide (WHO)
366Newly diagnosed patients with severe deformities or visual impairments (Grade 2 disability)