Letter from the
Chair of the Board

In 1892 the Watts family in Guelph, Ontario invited Wellesley Bailey, a young Irish missionary, to share his story with them. He described communities of men and women affected by leprosy, cast aside by their families and shunned by their community. His words: “if ever there was a Christ-like work in this world, it was to
go among these poor sufferers and bring them the consolation of the Gospel.”

So much has changed.

Today we know that leprosy can be cured. It is not a curse. It is a treatable disease. We also know that it’s not the only disease that affects those living in communities without access to medical care or medicines. The knowledge we have acquired from our work with leprosy patients helps address issues related to other Neglected Tropical Diseases.

I want to acknowledge the excellence I see in the effect:hope team – each member performing his/her role to ensure that no person is neglected and that no community is too far away. From ensuring the wise use of your gifts to sharing the work with you and making sure each program is well run, our team works together in their unique giftedness.

We look forward to 2017, a milestone year in which we will celebrate the faithfulness of God in the lives of generous Canadian supporters, the dedicated team at effect:hope, and the recipients of care, who have received the gifts of healing and restored hope.


Mrs. Carol Morris
Board Chair

“With the right commitment, coordination and collaboration, the public and private sectors will work together to enable the more than a billion people suffering from Neglected Tropical Diseases to lead healthier and more productive lives – helping the world’s poorest build self-sufficiency. As partners, with our varied skills and contributions, we commit to doing our part…”

The London Declaration: Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases