Letter from the
Executive Director

2017 marks the 125th anniversary of our work together! Entering this year, we see how God continues to graciously open doors that we could only have imagined in the intervening years. We celebrate the evolution of the care we have offered.

Our focus remains on people: people who live with the pain, impairment, disfigurement and stigma of leprosy. Historically, our predecessors provided medical, palliative and spiritual care. They built leprosaria – villages where caregivers and those who suffered met, prayed, and persisted in their quest for a cure.

Decades later, in 1964, Dapsone fuelled the hope of that cure, but its effectiveness was limited. It was not until 1982, that hope was finally fulfilled with the successful introduction of Multi-Drug Therapy. Since then, caring Canadians have invested in bringing this cure to hundreds of thousands of people, and your generosity continues to deliver innovation and specialized care to those who need it most.

Today, we remain committed to the medical, social and spiritual care of people with leprosy; but now, we have amplified their voices by blending them with those of people battling the effects of other neglected diseases. It is our years of experience with our partners on the frontlines of care that position us to serve those who suffer from Buruli ulcer, lymphatic filariasis and several soil-transmitted helminths.

Together, we are focused on four objectives: to strengthen health care systems; to equip and empower people in remote communities; to advocate at all levels, from the local community to the country’s policy-makers; to conduct research into how these diseases are transmitted, and how we can better care for those affected by them.

While we treat disease, we are not about diseases – we are about people. We are about Canadians who compassionately seek grace in a hurting world. We are about building communities where an individual’s disease becomes the catalyst for passionate commitment to transformative change.

For the Board and staff of effect:hope, Christ’s love for us is the source of, and the driving force behind our love for others: all others. Our vision is for a world where no one is neglected, and no community is too far from care. Thank you for making this work possible.

With gratitude,

Peter Derrick,
Executive Director