Our mission is to care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. In areas where health care is not readily available, we equip communities with the tools needed to detect and treat leprosy and Neglected Tropical Diseases.

INDONESIA: In rural Indonesia, it is nearly impossible to access health care. Men and women with leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases are vulnerable to a lifetime of disability without the care they need today.

Health care workers do not have sufficient access to the information needed to help prevent or manage disabilities, plus they lack the resources to perform regular check-ups.

Traditional education and communication materials are costly and very difficult to distribute when the population is so dispersed throughout the country – but these tools must get into the hands of people who can help.

effect:hope is leveraging modern technology to reach mobile health clinics in remote areas of Indonesia.

By using text messages and online resources, we’re helping equip health care workers in rural areas with the training and patient information they need to monitor the people most as risk for disabilities caused by NTDs.

Through social forums, we’re also creating a network of community health workers to share their experiences and acquired knowledge. Through these same systems, patients can be connected for peer support and establishment of Self-Help Groups.

To date, this innovative program has achieved:
-459 unique users in the pilot phase
-over 5,000 inquires in reply to shared messages about prevention of disability
-300 health care workers have participated in the support forum

We’re excited to see the success and expansion of this program in the coming year as we find new and more effective ways to reach the children, women and men suffering with NTDs and disabilities.