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Research to stop Neglected Tropical Diseases transmission (R2STOP)

Location: Canada

Program Length: 2017 – 2019

2018 Fundraising Need: $570,500

Donate to STOP the spread of leprosy today.

Why the Program Exists: Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) such as leprosy have ravaged human societies since biblical times. Despite ongoing efforts to interrupt their transmission, new cases persist in many poor and endemic areas. NTDs continue to be a global problem that affect people of all ages, most of whom are poor and isolated. While we are able to provide a cure and treat NTD-related disabilities, we do not know HOW they are transmitted. Many key questions remain, and the answers lie in research.

The R2STOP Initiative was founded by effect: hope and the Mission to End Leprosy in Ireland to support research aimed at closing gaps in our understanding of transmission of leprosy and other NTDs. If we can figure out how the diseases are transmitted and how the bacterium move through the environment, we can stop their spread. R2STOP will fund qualified projects up to $100,000 each year for a maximum of three years and will research:

  • How leprosy and other NTDs are transmitted between people
  • Animal carriers of the bacterium that cause leprosy and other NTDs
  • How the human body interacts with the bacterium
  • Transmission networks of the environment and communities

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Researchers can better understand NTD transmission and contribute to improving diagnosis to benefit endemic communities. They just need your support.

Donate to STOP the spread of leprosy today.

Your gift will fund groundbreaking research projects in leprosy transmission.

Our Partner:

The Mission to End Leprosy in Ireland

If you are interested in becoming a partner of R2STOP please contact Deb Hopper at 416-605-1320