• Funding 6 research teams through R2STOP
  • Researchers are working in several countries including Canada, India, United States and Comoros
  • There are 17 different diseases considered Neglected Tropical Diseases; we understand how all of them, except leprosy and Buruli ulcer, are transmitted

effect:hope has partnered with The Mission to End Leprosy to create R2STOP, an initiative to promote and fund research that will help stop leprosy. We’re working to fully understand the ways leprosy is transmitted and the physical environments that appear to help leprosy take hold.

R2STOP’s initial research agenda, while helping understand the transmission of M. leprae, will help us also understand how best to block the transmission and stop disease.

The initial priority funding areas include:

  • Human-to-human transmission (human reservoirs)
  • Non-human Reservoirs
  • Host-Pathogen Interactions
  • Transmission Networks

Your gift to R2STOP is matched to multiple your impact.