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People have faced the challenges of leprosy for thousands of years. For millennia, leprosy has caused disability, poverty, isolation and stigma.But for the first time in history, we might be able to eliminate it. The World Health Organization (WHO) aims to eliminate leprosy by 2020. 

Elimination: “interruption of transmission, the reduction to zero of the incidence of infection caused by a specific pathogen in a defined geographical area as a result of deliberate efforts”

Currently there is a lot we do not know about the bacterium that causes leprosy. In order to reach the elimination goal, we have teamed up with for a research initiative called R2STOP.

The first agenda of R2STOP is to fund research that will investigate how leprosy is transmitted and how we can improve strategies to prevent transmission. For more information about this funding initiative, please visit the R2STOP website.

We can end leprosy together.

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