Semi-Annual Report

September 2022

Our Impact In 2022


People newly diagnosed with leprosy


People screened for leprosy to learn if they need to start early treatment to prevent disability.


People received physiotherapy and disability management support to increase strength and learn healthy self-care.


People received shoes and other assistive devices.


People received treatment for neglected tropical diseases.


People received surgeries to heal pain and reduce disabilities.


Parents, school teachers and community leaders made aware of children’s rights, to increase social justice.


Healthcare providers trained on how to treat people affected by neglected tropical diseases and provide safe and effective care.


People gained awareness of the
symptoms and effects of neglected tropical diseases, to increase knowledge and reduce myths.


Children learned about the existence and consequences of neglected tropical diseases, and how to positively interact with affected people.


People received training on how to earn a dignified living during and after disease recovery.


Children supported to stay in school and get an education for a brighter future.

Dignity Through Healthcare

Many people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) live with the physical disabilities of neglected tropical diseases like leprosy. Often, these people also suffer from poor mental health. This is likely due to the stigma of having a disease and the history of conflict in their country. Health services for neglected tropical diseases provide treatment and care for the physical illness, but do not address any mental illness, which also affects long-term health.

With your support, the Peace of Mind project will develop and pilot a mental wellbeing intervention program in communities affected by neglected tropical diseases. We hope that this approach can be used in other areas of the country to improve the mental wellbeing of people living with the devastating impacts of neglected tropical diseases.


Effect Hope has partnered with Photovoice to launch a 2-year program to assess the mental health of people affected by neglected tropical diseases. Photovoice is a visual research tool that crosses language barriers and stimulates social change. They provide cameras to people so they can express their life experiences and feelings through photos.

Phase 1: Participants take photos of their environment, as it relates to their self-esteem and wellness.

Phase 2: Community leaders provide mental health interventions such as counselling and therapy.

Phase 3: At the end of this 2-year period, we will follow up with participants to view their new photos and analyze the effectiveness of our programs

Critical Wellness Treatments for Preschool Children

Malnutrition is a severe problem in parts of Kenya. Stomach worms inside their body absorb food nutrients intended for the child, causing significant setbacks to growth and development. Vitamin A deficiency and soil-transmitted helminths (worms) are major contributors to the mortality of children under five.

Effect Hope partnered with Global Affairs Canada to combat this problem through our Every Child Thrives program. We provided deworming treatments and Vitamin A supplements to preschool children in Kenya.

To date, we have provided 4,246,093 Vitamin A supplements and 3,783,877 deworming doses to preschool children in Kenya. These treatments ensured proper development for the children and replenished precious nutrients that had been lost.

The Kenyan Government has recognized the positive impact of the Every Child Thrives program. They have thanked Global Affairs Canada and Effect Hope for facilitating the development process for the Integrated Vitamin A Supplementation and Deworming Guideline for Children Aged 6-59 Months in Kenya. These two treatments are now part of the Kenyan healthcare system! This is excellent news.

Thank You for supporting the Every Child Thrives program

The Kigali Deglaration

As Canada’s only neglected tropical disease-focused organization, Effect Hope signed the Kigali Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases in June 2022.

The Kigali Declaration strives to activate political will, community commitment, resources, and action to end unnecessary suffering from neglected tropical diseases. This Declaration calls for commitments from countries, non-government organizations, pharmaceutical companies, youth organizations, and other key players to provide resources and action through the next decade to achieve goals outlined in World Health Organization’s Neglected Tropical Diseases Roadmap 2030.

Over 20 countries, including Canada, and multiple global health organizations signed the Kigali Declaration on Neglected Tropical Diseases.

Effect Hope is grateful for Canada’s leadership. The Government’s endorsement of the Kigali Declaration will make a difference for many millions of atrisk people.

“With 1 in 5 people in the world today affected by neglected tropical diseases, a global effort is needed now. I am thrilled that Canada is committing to support work to address these terrible diseases that impact health and well-being. These diseases compromise a just and equal future for many.”

Maneesh Phillip

Director of International Programs, Effect Hope

Nayan’s Story

Nayan is a 65-year old man who is a labourer in a tea garden in Bangladesh. About 10 years ago, a patch appeared on his right toe and eventually, he developed an ulcer. He couldn’t attend worship and public events because of social pressures to stay away. He was facing stigma and discrimination.

Because of the delayed diagnosis, Nayan’s ulcer had grown. Our partners encouraged Nayan to join self-care training at the community clinic near his home. With time and consistent care, his ulcer fully healed. For Nayan, his dignity comes from acceptance and restored health.

“I can say that I am an able man like anyone,” he said. “It’s Never Too Late For Health And Healing.”

Nayan is thankful to the Proyash project. Your support provided leprosy diagnosis and care training for the government health workers who helped him. Proyash is bringing hope to communities through quality leprosy care services.

The Journey Continues

Thank you for your ongoing partnership and support. Together we are positively impacting the lives of people affected by leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases. As we continue to work towards a better future for the people we serve, we look forward to changing more lives through upcoming projects.

Watch for our Annual Report in six months where we will share updates about innovative new projects in India, Bangladesh and Kenya. We will be launching strategic initiatives to improve the medical treatment and care of people affected by neglected tropical diseases. These initiatives will also support people in their journey towards improved mental health and social justice.

We welcome you to join us along the journey as we support communities to restore health and improve the quality of life of the people we serve.

Are You Ready To Make A Difference In 2022?

Millions of men, women, and children around the world continue to be affected by neglected tropical diseases. By making a donation today you can give them hope for their future by aiding them in restoring their physical, and mental health.