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Thank you for wanting to learn more about leprosy. Dr. Brand joined The Leprosy Mission in 1953 as an orthopaedic surgeon. His surgical skills renewed hope, courage, and life to thousands of people whose deformities set them apart. Although most Canadians think of leprosy just as a disease mentioned in the Bible, more than 200,000 people will be diagnosed with leprosy this year! We know leprosy can be cured but many children, women and men living in poverty only know the stigma and life-long disability it brings.

Leprosy is both a real disease, and a spiritual parallel to shame and isolation in anyone’s life, and we can learn a lot about expressing God’s love to other people from someone like Dr. Brand, who dedicated his life to serving the forgotten people – those with leprosy who have often been called “untouchables.”

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