Where We Work

We work in partnership with governments, reputable local organizations in communities and regions in the Global South where neglected tropical diseases limit life, strip opportunities, and perpetuate poverty.

Our work touches the lives of individuals, regardless of background, faith or no faith, and transforms public health systems so that people can thrive in their own communities.


Poverty, lack of accessible healthcare, and stigma are barriers to ending neglected tropical diseases in Bangladesh. We work with the Government of Bangladesh, local partners and communities affected by neglected tropical diseases to ensure equitable access to appropriate, holistic health services.


India leads the world in the total number of cases for 11 of the 20 neglected tropical diseases named by the World Health Organization. This country is home to over half of new leprosy cases annually. These diseases mostly impact India’s urban and rural poor. We work with partners to provide holistic health services and disrupt the cycle of poverty for families affected by neglected tropical diseases through access to education.

Democratic Republic Of The Congo

 The physical impact of neglected tropical diseases like leprosy and lymphatic filariasis can take a toll on the emotional and mental health of those affected. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we work with partners to find ways to support the emotional well-being of those affected by these diseases, while navigating the challenges of extreme poverty, a fragile public health system, and political unrest. 


Effect Hope has worked with partners in Liberia since 2011 and played an important role during the Ebola outbreak. Today, our work focuses on working with partners and government to strengthen the public health system to ensure people affected by neglected tropical diseases are diagnosed early, receive treatment, and have the resources they need to integrate into society.


Living with intestinal worms steals nutrients from children, compromising their cognitive development, growth and health during a key period. We work with partners to provide deworming treatment and vitamin A to children under age 5 to fight malnutrition and diseases caused by malnutrition.

Other Partnerships

Effect Hope also supports a number of partnerships both within Canada and around the world. These programs typically focus on research or advocacy.