Leprosy is still a thing.

This #WorldLeprosyDay, you can change that.

It’s Not Ancient History


Leprosy still affects millions of people worldwide. So, what is leprosy?

Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by the bacterium, leprae. It targets the skin, nerves, and eyes and can lead to permanent disfigurement and disability.

Leprosy is still feared in many parts of the world. People living with the disease, or those who have been cured but still have scars, often face social stigma and discrimination. They may experience rejection from their family or community and may be forced out of their school and place of work.

The good news is that leprosy is curable! Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent disability, so people can thrive.

When leprosy is diagnosed at the earliest sign– usually small patches on the skin– it can be treated easily with a combination of medicines taken for about a year. After treatment, the bacteria will not return, and people are considered to be cured.

This World Leprosy Day, you can help renew awareness and support programs that restore lives. Together, we can end the unnecessary suffering caused by leprosy. Join us on this journey to overcome disease, disability, and discrimination.