World NTD Day

is January 30, 2021

Neglected Tropical Diseases Day is for the world to come together to help some of our most neglected people. On Saturday, January 30, caring people will raise awareness about Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), gather support for those affected, and call for elimination of these 20 diseases of poverty.

Globally, 1 in 5 people live with NTDs.

Neglected Tropical Diseases are a group of life-limiting diseases, like leprosy, that affect 1.7 billion people around the world. Those most impacted often live on the margins of some of the world’s poorest communities where water safety, sanitation, and access to health care is substandard.

Untreated, these diseases cause disfigurement, cognitive problems, rejection, and death.

UPDATE: Those suffering need your help now more than ever. COVID-19 continues to have a negative effect on their ability to seek and receive the treatment they need.

Give A Monthly Donation


People living with disabilities from a neglected tropical disease can find healing. Provide hand or foot surgery for a person with a disability due to a neglected tropical disease, like leprosy, for $35 a month.

Kālu and Tanya

Just a young child, Tania noticed an ugly sore on her toe. Her mother took her to a doctor who diagnosed Tania with leprosy, a neglected tropical disease. In time, her hands and feet became severely deformed because Tania did not have access to care and treatment as a young child. A traditional healer in her community applied bizarre treatments that made her disabilities worse.

Today, Tania has had both feet amputated, and her hands are now just stumps. But she also has the love of a family.

Eventually, Tania was brought to one of our partner hospitals in Bangladesh for appropriate care. It was too late to save her hands and feet, but she did meet her husband Kālu, who was also receiving treatment for leprosy. Now, they have a daughter.

This couple faces unbelievable discrimination, poverty, and disabilities because of neglected tropical diseases. But you can help others like them before it’s too late.

Change the Narrative

This is just one of the many difficult stories we hear. But for only $35 a month, you can provide healing and restoration by providing hand or foot surgery for a person with an NTD-related disability. Help today.