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The effect:hope Donor Appreciation Tour

Special report from Liberia:
The Ebola Gap Leaves Hole in the Health care System in Liberia


Project Officer, MAP International, Liberia

Technical Assistant to the Ministry of Health, Liberia, Intensified Disease Management of neglected Tropical Diseases (IDM NTDs)

At the height of the 2014 Ebola virus outbreak in Liberia, the situation was grim. All schools in the country were closed, hospitals were full and were turning away patients. Safe drinking water was scarce, and families were being torn apart by this deadly disease.

At effect:hope we came to the aid of our African brethren supporting research and sending needed resources. Our partner, MAP Liberia, was on the ground providing aid to the people and Zeela Zaizay led the response. Working with a team of four he delivered clean water, repaired and maintained water systems in Ebola clinics to keep health care workers safe. He was the first major supplier of PPEs suits that sustained the health system during the early months of the outbreak, delivering 17,000 PPE suits. As a trained nurse he provided medical assistance directly to those in need. Risking his own life he reopened 187 schools and protected the 8,628 students and administrators from the Ebola virus. He led his team into communities providing education and resources to 22,500 Liberians.

Today, the impact of the Ebola virus is seen in the 4,810 Liberians killed, 28,000 infected, and the ravaged health care system. With the urgent need of the Ebola outbreak the Liberian health care system was ill-equipped to handle the additional needs of its population sick with other neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) like for soil transmitted helmuts (worms) or leprosy and these diseases have spread rapidly through the poorest communities. Currently there are over 760,000 school-aged children and over 2 million people in Liberia at risk for worms which affects their ability to have basic quality of life and can cause death.

Zeela Zaizay currently serves as Technical Assistant to the Liberian Ministry of Health on Intensified Disease Management of Neglected Tropical Diseases (IDM NTDs). He is seconded by effect:hope, MAP, and the American Leprosy Mission to provide the Health Ministry technical support to implement a program to managed the growing NTD infections and risk in Liberia.

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